10-Step Guide on How To Put Up an Online Store (Episode 94)

Updated: October 31, 2021

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This episode is for everyone who’s planning to put up an online store. You’ll hear my business tips on how to start and grow an e-commerce business.

I shared the 10 steps that I always take whenever I pursue a new venture. These steps have helped me avoid unnecessary mistakes in the past and I know they’ll help you as well in properly planning for your business.

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You might have a great and innovative product, but there’s no stopping others from copying it after you launch. So even before you start selling, it’s essential to know what makes your product and your business different from others who might attempt to copy it.

Having a business plan that you can follow is much better than just swinging it and learning from trial and error. The latter will waste a lot of your time and you could end up spending more capital than necessary.

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  1. Will be immediately forwarding a link to this weeks podcast to Beautiful Bride. Her second business venture, launched in the middle of the 2020 pandemic, has made steady progress. What surprised us both was the huge number of requests for the educational toys, games and learning material she created that come with a link to video instruction. The “new normal” appears to have created demand we could never have for seen just a few years ago! The learning materials could well become a stand-a-lone business. I believe this podcast came at the perfect time. Thank you Fitz for creating this useful instructional how-to.

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