Why It Pays To Work Hard by Richard St. John

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The Philippines goes on holiday today for Labor Day, that special date when we all celebrate the contribution of workers to our economy and society.

I honestly believe that without them, our country will fall down to its knees – that’s why I’d like to say thank you to all of them for helping our country grow.

And speaking of workers, I’d like to share with you another motivational talk from Richard St. John entitled “Why It Pays To Work Hard“.

It’s a 6-minute TED Education video, which gives in more detail why hard work is one of the secrets to success.

Watch, enjoy and be inspired:

This lesson is all part of Richard St. John’s lesson on the 8 Traits of Successful People.

I’ll soon post more videos about it here when they become available, so be sure to catch them by simply subscribing to Ready To Be Rich.

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  1. Happy Labor Day. It seems like you write your blogs early in the morning :) tnx for this video. I’m starting to like Richard St. John :)

  2. agree! i’m studying grad school in psychology, and saw a big gap in knowledge in that field in our country. after studying the lives’s of the greatest psychologists in the US and Europe, it showed that it was all hard work… and they were not all geniuses like Einstein. I wish to know more about the scientists in our country bec they should be recognized as well to encourage young people to work hard so they could contribute to our society. and thanks to you Fitz for spreading the real secret to any success – hard work!

  3. randy m. umali on May 2nd, 2013 at 5:06 pm

    l love very much

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