Top 8 Things You Can Sell Your Officemates For Extra Income

Posted by Fitz Villafuerte under Income Opps on April 23, 2008

The office is not only a place for work. It’s also a potential market for selling. More than our neighbors and friends, the people we spend more at least 8 hours a day almost everyday are one of the best customers we can have for our homemade goodies or personal services. This is the reason why it’s important to socialize and foster camaraderie among your officemates because they provide good leverage for extra income.

I’ve listed below the top eight things you can sell your officemates. Most of these are taken from personal experience while some are contributions from friends who have earned money by converting their cubicles into profit centers. I hope that these suggestions will help you increase your monthly earnings and eventually awaken the entrepreneur inside you.

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1. Multi-level marketing products
This is probably the most common item that’s been offered to me during my corporate years. Aside from being asked to join and become their downline, I’ve also been offered a wide array of products such as leather goods, kitchen utensils, personal insurance and other stuff from these sales networks. If you’re a member of a multi-level marketing company, try selling your products first before recruiting your officemates to join your network.

2. Beauty products
Next to showbiz rumors and gossips, beauty regiments are probably the most talked about topic among the women in the office. A friend of mine took advantage of this fact and looked for a supplier of homemade soaps and sold it to her officemates with mark-up. It helps if you use the products yourself so that you can give them an honest review. Furthermore, I would advise that you sell products which are not readily available in commercial establishments. Aside from soaps, facial skin care and hair products are also highly marketable.

3. Herbal medicines, vitamins and supplements
These capsules have been selling well among young urban professionals despite the disclaimer that these products do not guarantee therapeutic effects. The men in the office are your most likely clients here. Sell them potency vitamins, protein supplements and even skin whitening capsules. You can buy in bulk and sell at retail prices or simply seek out your local Chinese drugstore and market their best sellers. Again, it helps if you personally take these items so that you can provide honest feedback on their effects.

4. Baked goodies
I had an officemate who makes very delicious brownies back then and we would often buy a box from her whenever we need something for potluck. If you have talent in the kitchen, try selling some of your homemade goodness. It helps if you bring samples and then market your product for office parties. Moreover, do not limit yourself to baked goodies, you can likewise sell other food items which you can cook best.


5. Candies and Junk Foods
Speaking of homemade goodies, I remember an officemate of mine who would often bring yema and pastillas in the office. His mother makes those delicacies and he usually brings some for personal consumption. However, we would often ask from him a couple of pieces whenever we crave for something sweet. One day, he told us that he won’t be giving those for free anymore and will be selling it to us. Since they were really good, we didn’t mind paying. A couple of weeks after, his drawer became filled with crackers, junk foods and candies which we would usually buy and munch while working.

6. Eload
Sell electronic prepaid cellphone load to your officemates. My brother currently does this with remarkable success. He gets around P2,000 net income a month from selling both Smart Eload and Globe Autoload in his office. He plans to sell Sun Expressload soon once he earns enough to invest on an extra cellphone. If you’re interested to learn more about this, you can check out my previous article on how to start an eload business.

7. Jewelry and Handicrafts
Are you into beading or knitting? Then why not sell some of your handicraft creations to your officemates? You will surely make good income from your hobby. The best items to sell are those which can be given as small gifts or used as cubicle decoration. I remember an officemate who makes cellphone cases out of baby socks which she would sometimes sell to us. I think I still have mine somewhere in my drawers.

8. Gadgets
Pinoys love gadgets. Find a cheap supplier of these electronic items and you can potentially earn good extra income as a reseller of cellphones, PDA’s and mp3 players. If you have ample knowledge on computers, you can likewise provide accessories and parts for their home computers. If you have the budget, you can check out Philippine websites such as TipidPC and and invest on good deals which you can later sell for profits to your colleagues.

How about you? Do you have other items you can suggest? Please share them below by writing a comment. If you would like to receive more tips on how to earn extra income while working, subscribe to Ready To Be Rich.

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21 Responses to “Top 8 Things You Can Sell Your Officemates For Extra Income”

  1. Tony Tovar says:

    It reminds me of this one person at my old job that sold beauty products from Avon to make some extra money. It got to the point where she had renewal items for almost all the workers there. Monthly steady extra income. I only wished I could have done it before she did. :D


  2. Fitz says:

    That’s right Tony. If you sell good products, you will have repeat sales. And it can grow to a point that it becomes steady income for you. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Ambo says:

    i did all that except 5 & 7 and im proud of it. look at me now, same good looking guy lols

    interesting post Fitz.


  4. manilenya says:

    nyahahaha! natawa daw ako sa comment ni Daddee Ambo lol!
    My uncle is doing that in New Rennaisance Hotel, most of his co-workers are his customer, saya diba :)

  5. Fitz says:

    @Kuya Ambo
    It should be same “old” good looking guy. :D Just kidding. Thanks for the Stumble!

    Thanks for the visit and the comment. :-)

  6. Dexter says:

    A good info.. when I am working in Philippines I used to sell Cell Loads :).. Well I also extend it before in saudi :)

  7. Fitz says:

    Yes, cell loads really do well specially abroad among Pinoy communities. Thanks Dex for sharing.

  8. chuvaness says:

    tried 1, 2, and 5…pero ang nag payaman sa kin yung 7! edi syempre joke lang. LOL

    and if I may just add….clothing apparel is a sure hit…kahit class A lang esp if you sell them in installment basis

    have a nice day!

  9. Fitz says:

    Yes, it’s always an option to have them pay on an installment basis, specially those who frequently buy from you. And likewise, clothes are good items to sell.

    Thanks for sharing chuvaness. :D

  10. dyosa says:

    guilty ako sa item #4. i love selling because it’s fun and relieves stress. well for me, ganun ang impact nya. :-)

  11. Fitz says:

    I’m suddenly reminded of Izzy from the show Grey’s Anatomy who bakes whenever she’s feeling stressed. :D And yes, selling to your officemates is fun, plus it temporarily gets your mind off work. Thanks for the comment dyosa.

  12. kimsan23 says:

    Hi Fitz! This is a great post! I’m into selling baked goodies now at work. So far, I have a few orders of cookies and brownies to start off with. Hopefully, I can expand my repertoire of food items in a few weeks.

  13. Fitz says:

    Hi kimsan, nice to see you here. Yup, I’ve read about your baked goodies business in your blog. Wish all the luck man! :D

  14. Nicely says:

    Hello, Fitz! Been gone for a while but I’m back!

    I also have my eload business here in the office. It is just a small-time biz but it generates continued income. I started from Smart and now, I have my Globe already. Good thing is, my market continue to grow.

    I am planning to start another business – Swarovski products (earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.) I will canvass a cheaper supplier first. I hope I can do it.

  15. Fitz says:

    Wow Nicely, daming raket ah. It’s great to know that your eload business is growing. It’s really an easy and profitable venture. :D And good luck on your Swarovski jewelry business!

  16. veronica$h says:

    Hi! I reeeeally wanted to start up something that could make some dough instantly but I only plan to set aside a small amount for the “puhunan” (maybe 3K every payout). I’m a call center agent. What would be the best idea?

  17. joanne says:

    Hi, Fitz! Another interesting post!
    When I got so burned out from my job as Visual Merchandise Designer in a very prestigious department store, with the support of my hubby, I decided to work part-time and give our long time hobby a try into retailing it again.
    We’ve been doing glass painting on recycled bottles, t-shirt hand-painting and bead sculpture jewelry since our college days. We’ve been selling them to our classmates, friends and later officemates. We were able to save up for our simple wedding from there!
    Now, we thought, why not do it again! Guess what, were doing just great! We started sell off our handicraft to my hubby’s officemates, friends and it eventually started to spread by word of mouth. Before we knew it, we’ve started shipping off to the US and Italy as well! Most incredible of all, I was called by the Metropolitan Museum to give out Workshops… I’ve been giving public workshops eversince.
    It takes much planning, humility and patience to pursue financial freedom, but with the help of people like you and all those who share their thoughts, we find the courage follow our dreams! Thank you!

  18. owkie says:

    I started doing a sideline business selling chocolates to my officemates just last month in which I had a net extra income of 1,800 pesos. Then when I introduced my chocolates to my classmates in my master’s classes in Cebu last Friday, my products were sold out and they ordered more for their “pasalubong” when they will be going back to their provinces.

    Upon going back to Cebu next month, I also have to bring extra boxes for a consignment. I am an instant wholesaler now. lol.

    This Monday, I will be sending 50 boxes of chocolates to Iligan City thru JRS express.

    Gone from Cebu, I brought with me dried fishes and sold to my officemates.

    Going back and forth, I make money. Addicting! I enjoy managing my finances really.

  19. Joe Hamilton says:

    I sell my old cellphones for extra income. :-)

  20. Anythingoes says:

    Just to share, I sell pringles and imported chocolates from Duty Free, cheaper than the mall price. Hindi matiis ng officemates ko… Ayun ubos. But I make sure I just sell these to close office friends and within our dept. kasi mahirap maningil nang di kakilala. ;)

    Very Informative blog Fitz, will keep on reading. ;)

  21. dith vicente says:

    You can start having a business for less than 1K selling beauty soaps (w/no animal fat only coconut oil & fruits/herbs extract: papaya,tomato, guava,tea tree,carrot,eucalyptus,lemon ) for only 65 pesos and french perfumes 60 ml 10 scents for 250.

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