The Power of Words

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I’d like to share with you today a short film that illustrates the power of words.

We all know that the pen is mightier than the sword, but how does that saying apply to our world today?

Below is an inspirational video that shows us an example.

It’s actually an ad campaign for an online content service company named, Purple Feather.

But it has already grown beyond its original intent of marketing the company, to a motivational guide that reminds us how the words we use can affect how we experience life.

Watch the 2-minute video and you’ll understand what I mean.

We use words every day to communicate, to express our feelings and thoughts, but we often forget how powerful they can be and how important it is to choose them with care if we wish to attract love, happiness and success.

The message of the video takes its inspiration from Andrea Gardner’s book “Change Your Words, Change Your World The Power of Words“.

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  1. Dear Mr. Ready to be Rich,

    If you are an avid fan of TED then I’m one of your avid fan. I really learn a lot from your blog. Thank you!

    As for this time, I just want to share one of the basic of how to communicate with person without any argue. 1st is tell the persons that you are only speaking for the first person and that means you are only speaking for yourself and no intent of hitting someone’s nerve. second , always talk about performance and not the performer unless of course it is really for the performer. I’m a teacher, so when I talk to my students, I reprimand their behavior but not the person, this way, I gain their respect even if they were reprimanded. whenever My husband and I argue, I focus only on the subject, this way, we really seldom quarrel. wen I talk to my boss, i do the same, this way, I rarely hit his nerve. and last but not the least, always respect other peoples thought, who knows, in the future , he might me right.

    Sorry for the wrong grammar. I’m a math teacher. he he.

    hopefully, this may helps someone …… Again, Thank you And God Bless!

  2. Nice post! short but worth watching!

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