Richard St. John: The Importance of Focus

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Pardon the lack of posts from the past few days, I went to Cebu for the weekend to speak at the Social Media Influencers Summit 2013.

My topic was about maximizing the use of social media to boost your business.

As much as I want to share with you my presentation, I’d like to reserve that for another day as I still have a full schedule until Wednesday.

The organizers of the event are now giving us a tour of Cebu and the call to adventure here at Bluewater Sumilon Island Resort is too much to resist.

That’s why I’m giving myself only a few minutes to write this post and then I’m off to do a sunrise trek and some scuba diving. icon biggrin Richard St. John: The Importance of Focus

So for now, let me just share with you this excellent TED Education video featuring Richard St. John and his take on The Importance of Focus.

The video is just around 5 minutes but it’s full of lessons on how focus has helped people such as James Cameron, Quincy Jones, and Larry Page succeed.

I know you’ll enjoy this as much as I did.

Wasn’t that great? Richard St. John is one of my favorite speakers and I’ve already posted about some of his talks here which I hope you can watch also:

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  1. Nice! Enjoy sumilon.. hope you can swim with the butandings as well. :) the port to sumilon is near the butandings.

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