Fallacies of Forex Trading

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There are a lot of misconceptions about forex trading because it’s really hard to find someone who can be trusted to give you honest information about it. Today, I’m glad to have Bwayan Jordison who shares in his guest post below, some of the fallacies about trading currencies that you should definitely know. — I’ve […]

When is the Best Time to Start a Business?

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When it comes to starting a business, we all get several windows of opportunity. Our life is full of instances and scenarios when becoming a entrepreneur is just one step ahead, and all you need to do is take that leap of faith. So when did these windows of opportunity occur and when will they […]

Upcoming Learning Opportunities You Must Check Out

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Before you can be ready to be rich, you have to first be, ready to learn. That’s why I’m giving you below a list of upcoming seminars, webinars and events that you should definitely check out. Family Finances Seminar First, due to the inclement weather, I’ve decided to reschedule the Family Finances seminar to September […]

The Story of Mr. Real Estate and Mr. Stock Market

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Mr. Real Estate and Mr. Stock Market are brothers and back in 1992, their grandfather died and left each of them one million pesos. “Invest the money and make it grow,” advised their parents. So that’s what they did. Mr. Real Estate saw a property for sale right in the heart of Makati’s Central Business […]

Video: How To Manage Your Family’s Income

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Last week, I was invited to guest in 9TV Philippines Daybreak to talk about family finances for their Wise Spending Wednesdays segment. If you missed it, then below is the video replay, which I hope you find informative. Read more about the Family Finances Workshop here or you can register for it today through the […]

The WHYPOWER Attribute

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It’s always wonderful to meet people whose lives have been transformed because of financial education. They’re ordinary people, who used to believe that life is a constant struggle. But because they learned how to properly manage their finances, they now see life as abundant and opportunity-rich. Such is the case of April, who shares with […]

On Entrepreneurship, Dreamers and World Changers

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A friend went to a coffee shop one morning and after he gave his order, the barista asked him, “Going to work, sir?” With a stern face, my friend replied, “Going to change the world.” The barista, who was probably caught off guard with my friend’s reply, smiled and then answered, “Kaya pala double tall […]

My Credit Card Story Part 2

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I’m currently on vacation so I’m letting one of my friends, Carlos, share his story today. Last year, he wrote an article about credit cards, which you can read here: My Credit Card Story (Part 1). In that post, he shared how he got his first credit card, and his realization that credit cards are […]

ATM Safety and Security Tips

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Recent news have reported people losing money in their savings account because of ATM skimming. ATM skimming is when thieves use hidden electronics to steal the personal information stored on your card and record your PIN number so they can make a duplicate card and withdraw your cash on another machine. Banks are of course, […]

Listen: An Inspirational Short Film

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What would you do if you had P1,500? For Josh Ortiz, a young US-based Filipino filmmaker, the decision was easy – make an inspirational short film. With only $30 as budget, he was able to produce this 3-minute video about failure, motivation and success. Watch and be sure to listen carefully to the words. I […]

Seminar on Financial Planning for Parents this September

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The Ready To Be Rich: Family Finances Seminar is happening again on September 28, 2014. Now on its 4th run, this innovative workshop is your hands-on training on how to create a basic financial plan for your family. In this event, you will learn practical tips and a step-by-step guide on: How to create and […]

7 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Get a Virtual Office

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Harold is a friend who works as freelance wedding photographer. He meets clients in coffee shops, and he does this at least twice a week. His clients don’t really mind, but sometimes it gets too noisy and they’d have to transfer. His home office is not that presentable to clients. Additionally, he’s also not too […]