Learn How To Make Money Online with Blog Academy Philippines

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There are a lot ways to make money online. However, most of the available opportunities today require you to join a networking or multi-level marketing business – and unfortunately, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Income opportunities through the internet have come and gone, but there’s one that I know, which has continued to grow […]

Top 5 Places To See and Visit in New York

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Anyone who loves traveling will surely have New York in their bucket list – I know I do. And today, our brand partner Philippine Airlines, gives us five of the top places to see and visit, if ever you find yourself in The Big Apple. — The world is a big place. And each destination […]

The First Angat Pilipinas Financial Literacy Awards

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Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy is an SEC-registered, non-profit, non-stock financial literacy organization. Recently, they launched the very first Angat Pilipinas Financial Literacy Awards, which celebrates the financial institutions, NGOs and advocates for their work in helping Filipinos become more financially literate. The Angat Pilipinas Awards will give recognition to the following: Advocacy Group […]

What Should Be Your Priority: House, Car, Business, or Stock Investments?

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If you were to choose, what should be your priority – buy a house, get a car, start a business, or build your stock investments? This was the concern of a young woman, who posted this question on a Facebook group a few days ago. When I saw this on my timeline, I decided to […]

The Rules of Wealth Never Changes and Here’s Proof

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What is the most basic rule to follow if you want to become rich? I believe it’s to spend less than what you earn. The better version is: Spend less than what you earn and invest the difference. But we just want the basics… the most important rule of wealth building. Which, to state it […]

The Power of Creating a Do-Not-Do List

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Most people create a To-Do List, and there are hundreds of apps and software that allow us to manage them. I’m a bit of a productivity geek, so I always make sure that I write down all the important things that I must do – and this has served me well in getting things done. […]

The Science of Shopping: 9 Sneaky Ways You’re Being Tricked To Spending More

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According to the Philippine Statistics Authority, the retail industry in the country generated a total gross income of P566.8 billion back in 2012. If this was your net worth, you’d actually be richer than the Ayala heirs, Iñigo and Mercedes Zobel. With that much money going around in this sector, it’s not a surprise that […]

Only Fools Want To Become Millionaires, So Don’t Be One

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Do you want to become a millionaire? If you do, then you’re a fool. Why? Because having a million in your bank account won’t make you happy. Do you know what will make you happy? Spending that million. Am I right? If you had a million to spend today, what would you buy? What would […]

What Should I Do To Marry a Rich Guy?

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I’ve read this story a lot of times, and I deem it appropriate to share this with you today, well because Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. May you find the humor and the lesson in the anecdote, as it’s both entertaining and insightful. The story starts with a post on an online forum: […]

Four More Silly Reasons Why People Don’t Invest

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A lot of people don’t invest even though they say it’s important. They come up with many excuses, and I gave you four of them last week. Below are four more silly reasons that I hear, and why they shouldn’t be. I’m afraid to lose money. Remember inflation? By not investing, you are actually losing […]

The Biggest Difference Between Employees and Entrepreneurs in 2 Minutes

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What’s the biggest difference between an employee and an entrepreneur? The obvious answer is that an employee is someone who works in a company, while an entrepreneur is the one who owns the company where the employee works. But that’s not really an accurate difference in my opinion, because a lot of entrepreneurs also work […]

Four Silly Reasons Why People Don’t Invest

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Cognitive dissonance is a term in psychology where an individual experiences discomfort because they hold contradictory beliefs, ideas or values at the same time. It’s the guilt you feel when you eat junk food after you promised to yourself that you’ll start making healthy food choices. Or when you take personal calls at work even […]