Rich People vs Poor People: A Powerful Comparison

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Sometimes, a person’s greatest barrier to wealth is their own belief system. Your mindset about money, the value you put on your work, the principles you uphold in your decision-making, and how you react to life’s many circumstances can dictate how your financial future will be. The following is a summary of how the rich […]

The Different Types of Traders

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Investors can be conservative, moderate or aggressive. The type of investor that you are will dictate your decisions and strategies when it comes to managing your investment portfolio. In the same vein, there are also different types of traders – both in the stock market and in currencies or forex. Today’s guest post will talk […]

Video: Rex Mendoza during the IMG Convention 2014

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The International Marketing Group (IMG) successfully held its 2014 Convention of Champions last weekend at the SMX Convention Center in Mall of Asia. It was a great, whole-day, training experience for all members of IMG and I will be sharing with you over the next few weeks the best lessons I learned that day. To […]

To Have More Money, Should NOT Be Your Goal

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It’s important to have goals, especially financial goals. And more valuable than simply having these goals is to have the right mindset and purpose. Below are the most common financial goals that people have, and why they’re poor and insufficient in the grand scheme of things. To have more money. To earn more than what […]

Always Keep Cash at Home as your Emergency Stash

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A couple of months ago, two of the biggest banks in the country, BPI and BDO, experienced prolonged downtime. Their online banking was down, a lot of ATMs were offline, and the only way to withdraw money from your account is to transact over the counter from your home branch. A lot of people expressed […]

My Seminars and Workshops in August

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In the Chinese culture, August is believed to be the “Ghost Month”. Traditionally, the Chinese believe that this is the time when the deceased visit the living. Financially, this is a period when the stock market usually goes down and thus, it is a bad time to invest. Personally, I don’t believe in the ghost […]

Your Biggest Investing Problems, and How To Solve Them Part 2

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Welcome to the second part of this post. If you missed part 1, then you can read it here. We now continue answering your biggest investing problems. LACK OF DISCIPLINE TO BE CONSISTENT Some people are able to overcome their fears and indecision, and have succeeded in actually investing. Their biggest problem now is how […]

Your Biggest Investing Problems, and How To Solve Them Part 1

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A couple of months ago, I asked the readers here, “What’s your biggest problem related to investing?” I got almost a hundred responses in that post, and now it’s time for me to answer them. I collated all the concerns that was raised, and I hope the solutions I gave below will be able to […]

9 Things To Tell Yourself If Your Life Is A Financial Mess

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My life was a financial mess back in the early 2000′s. Despite having a regular job and practically living as a freeloader in my parent’s house, I had no savings and worse, I was around P120,000 deep in credit card debts. How I was able to get out of that rut, and finally became financially […]

The Formula For Good Luck

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Last Wednesday, I met some friends for dinner. One of them came a few minutes late, which was not really a big deal. But in any case, we asked if traffic was bad, and he confessed that the reason why he’s late was because the lotto lines were long. “The Grandlotto 6/55 jackpot is now […]

Giving Away Free Tickets to the Money Summit & Wealth Expo 2014

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Money Summit & Wealth Expo is the number one conference and expo on investing and trading in the Philippines. The pioneer in investment conferences in the Philippines, it has attracted over 7,000 investors, traders, and entrepreneurs from across the Philippines over the years. Now on its 7th run, the Money Summit & Wealth Expo will […]

How To Overcome Obstacles and Achieve Your Goals

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We all have goals. Goals, which motivate us to do the things we do everyday. Some people want a big house, some want to go on their dream vacation. Some people want a job promotion, so they can achieve their goal of owning a car. We all have goals. However, reaching our goals is not […]