7 Financial Mistakes Retired People Say They Regret After Retirement

Do you like living in the present moment? Nothing wrong with doing that, but it’s important to realize that one cannot just live in the present moment because the future will come sooner than you think. And when that time comes, you might have passed over and wasted financial opportunities that could have made your […]

The Best Investments For Your Short Term Goals

What do you want to do this summer? Do you want a one week vacation in Boracay? What do you want to buy within the next few months? Do you want to buy a new smartphone? A new laptop? What about next year, or two years from now? Do you want to buy a car? […]

Activate Your BDO Rewards Card Online and Get 100 Bonus Points

A friend decided to be a BDO Rewards member so he can have his own BDO Rewards Card after he read my previous post on how I am able to use my points to shop in SM and other retail partners. So when I learned that he finally got his BDO Rewards Card, I immediately […]

It’s Wrong To Be Happy During Payday, and Here’s Why

Are you happy during payday? If I were to answer this question years ago, when I was still an employee, I would definitely say “Yes”. In fact, during those years, “happy” would be an understatement to describe how I felt every 15th and 30th of the month – “profound joy” would be the more accurate […]

Three Perks to Using a Cash Flow Template That You Wouldn’t Expect

As an entrepreneur, one of the first technical skills I learned was analyzing my business cash flow. Today, we’ll learn how using a cash flow template can help not just save time, but make it easier to see if the business is doing good. Mitchell has the floor today, let’s read his words below. First […]

10 Practical Ways To Avoid Overspending When Shopping

Buyer’s remorse. This is the anxiety and regret that a person feels after making a purchase. It happens when you buy something expensive, or whenever you purchase an item on impulse, and especially if it’s also something you can’t really afford. Overspending when shopping, whether you’re in the mall, department store or in the grocery, […]

On Japan, Chinese Doctors and the World Map

The way we think and view the world is mostly a product of the environment we grew up in. But that doesn’t mean we are limited to what we see, hear and experience around us. Literature, travel and technology, has allowed us to expand our view beyond our normal horizon; and it’s important for us […]

How To Be a Billionare, A Lesson From Forbes

Forbes has recently updated their list of the world’s richest billionaires. The results have been going around social media, including the list for the wealthiest in the Philippines. Many reacted with envy, some with admiration. Personally, my reaction can be described as “confirmation” – as the list affirms my strongly held belief about wealth building. […]

Employees vs Professionals: Which One Pays More Taxes?

I met with an accountant friend yesterday and one of the topics of our conversation was how much taxes employees and professionals pay in the Philippines. I listened intently to his explanation, and below is my best effort to share with you the surprising things I learned. — Meet Mr. Employee. He is a graphic […]

Is 80 the New 60 of Retirement?

Most people dream of retiring at the age of 60. However, because of the lack of financial planning, many will find themselves needing to still work when that time comes. In today’s guest post, Cristina Beltran gives us an interesting look at why people can’t or don’t retire at 60, and some practical tips on […]