Here’s a Video That All Debt Collectors and Collection Agencies Should Watch

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People who are not able to pay their debts, especially credit card debts, will soon get a call from a collection agency.

And that, in almost all cases, would mean getting rude calls, threatening letters from supposed lawyers and many other forms of harassment.

While there’s already Senate Bill Number 1277 or the Philippine Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, it’s unfortunately still pending since 2007, so we can’t expect any of those collection agencies to treat us consumers any better soon.

However in the US, there’s one collection agency that stepped forward and began treating people with debts the way they are supposed to be treated – with kindness and understanding.

Watch this video report from CBS News and learn how CFS-2, a debt collection agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is helping people with debts get better lives, while making more money than their competitors.

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