Generic Medicines: A Comparative Price Study On Generic Cholesterol And Other Maintenance Medicines

Posted by Fitz Villafuerte under Money Saving Tips on July 14, 2009

Do you buy generic medicines?

I do because they’re cheaper than the branded ones.

But do you know why they’re cheaper?

Is it because they are of less quality or less effective than branded medicines?

I did a small study on this and found some very interesting information. I hope you find it likewise.

I discovered that a generic drug is basically a medicine that has gone off patent. What does this mean?

Pharmaceutical companies spend time and money on research and development of new medicines. Once they are able to come up with one that passes government health tests and standards, the pharmaceutical company will be given exclusive rights to manufacture and market the product globally for a period of around 20 years. This will allow them to recover their costs for R&D.

After that, the patent expires and the product can now be manufactured and sold by other companies. And that’s when medicines of different brands but same generic names come out.


Generic medicine advocates believe that since the active ingredients and/or formula is the same – then the quality, safety and efficacy of these drugs should also be the same as the originator of the branded pharmaceutical product.

Are generic medicines really safe?
Yes. In the Philippines, both branded and generic medicines are required to be registered and approved by BFAD before they can be sold on the market. But always make sure that you buy only from reputable drugstores and choose generic brands manufactured by legitimate companies.

So why are they cheaper?
Because manufacturers of generic medicines only need to cover its production and marketing costs. They did not invest on expensive research and development costs which the original pharmaceutical company did.

So I can always buy generic medicines?
Not quite, remember that there is a patent protection period for newly developed medicines. During these times, you have no choice but to buy the branded product of the pharmaceutical company.

The last question makes it important for us to know if a medicine is already available as a generic product. That will immensely help us save money, specially on maintenance medicines.

How much exactly can you save? Here’s a comparative study I did on generic cholesterol medicine and other similar products. Prices quoted are in Philippine Pesos.

CHOLESTEROL Generic Branded % Diff
Fenofibrate cap 100 mg 16.50 19.75 16.46
Simvastatin tab 20 mg 15.00 39.50 62.03
HYPERTENSION Generic Branded % Diff
Amlodipine tab 10 mg 19.65 74.75 73.71
Nifedipine tab 20 mg 19.00 35.50 46.48
ASTHMA Generic Branded % Diff
Salbutamol 100 mcg Inhaler 280.00 406.75 31.16
ARTHTRITIS / BODY PAIN Generic Branded % Diff
Naproxen cap 500 mg 7.00 22.50 68.89
NERVOUS SYSTEM Generic Branded % Diff
Fluoxetine cap 20 mg 40.00 126.00 68.25
Sertraline 39.00 113.50 65.64
DIABETES Generic Branded % Diff
Human Insulin 1 vial 800.00 1,276.50 37.33
Metformin tab 500 mg 3.25 11.00 70.45

I’d like to thank Ms. Jenny, the pharmacist in our neighborhood for the prices above. Please note that this is just a partial list of generic medicines and the prices in other pharmacies may be different.

What’s important to note here is that you can basically save up to 70% by purchasing generic medicines. A significant number if you ask me, specially if you’re taking them regularly.

That’s it for now, maybe you’d also like to read my past article on How To Save Money on Medicines for more money saving tips.

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11 Responses to “Generic Medicines: A Comparative Price Study On Generic Cholesterol And Other Maintenance Medicines”

  1. Dinah says:

    These drug companies are making a killing, both literally and figuratively ano? i also buy generic drugs and its really cheaper.

  2. Medicines Online | Pharmacy online says:

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  3. Fitz says:

    Oh yeah, branded medicines are really expensive. It’s a blessing that we have the Generic Medicine Act in our country.

  4. Entrepinoy Bank says:

    Yes, Fitz! Generic medicines are cheaper compared to branded medicines. I usually buy generic medicines at Generika and Generics Drugstore in Sucat, Parañaque City. Kudos for your comparative study.

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  6. Pharma biz says:

    The study is good but price is for one tablet or one strip (10 tbls)?
    Plz give reply as soon as possible.

  7. ailen sellived says:

    is there anyone who could send us (@ a summary list and price of all generic medicines? we have our own foundation which is the t3 community foundation inc. and we need a huge stock of medicine for all the tribal communities from luzon, visayas and mindanao.

  8. Teej says:

    Thank you for the very informative article. This is a very great help for my studies as a Pharmacy student. Keep up the good work. 😀

  9. myrthel buriz says:

    i’m really happy seeing this website the thorn in our throat has been just pulled out after reading this article. This is really a big help of information to our research study. Thank you so much 😉

  10. rey says:

    Hi po! May list po ba kau ng mga Generic Medicines and then yung price niya.. Kailangan ko po sa feasib namin thanks.. email: Thanks Po in Advance

  11. micca says:

    do you know the most purchased generic drug in the Philippines and its equivalence in Branded ones?

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