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If You Want Financial Independence, Here’s What You Do

Do you want to achieve financial independence? Of course you do. Unfortunately, because most of us didn’t learn this in school or was not taught to us at home, we grew up to be financially uneducated. And do this… This is what living in the rat race looks like. And a lot of people are […]

Employees vs Professionals: Which One Pays More Taxes?

I met with an accountant friend yesterday and one of the topics of our conversation was how much taxes employees and professionals pay in the Philippines. I listened intently to his explanation, and below is my best effort to share with you the surprising things I learned. — Meet Mr. Employee. He is a graphic […]

Manage Your Finances And Control Your Financial Future

If you think about it, managing your finances isn’t complicated because the things you need to do are often just simple tasks. What actually makes them difficult to accomplish is our mindset and resistance to break and change our bad financial habits. Today, Marie shares with us eight tips on how we can take charge […]

Survey Results: The Financial Situation of Filipino Families

Last month, I did an online survey on the financial situation of Filipino families. I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to answer the questions. Below are the current summary of responses, and my personal thoughts about it. What is your biggest source of income today? Salary from being an employee: 85% Income […]

Take The Survey: The Financial Situation of Filipino Families

I’m currently doing the content plan for this blog and I hope you can help by filling out the survey below. It’s about the financial situation of Filipino families and I’ll be using your responses to determine the personal finance topics and articles that I should focus on for the year ahead. I’ll be working […]

How To Cope and Rebuild Your Life After a Disaster

I was having coffee with some friends the other day when an interesting question came up during the night. “If you were one of those whose home got destroyed by Typhoon Yolanda, how would you rebuild your life?” There was about 20 seconds of silence, all of us were in deep thought, and then one […]

Give Your Children Three Piggy Banks and Teach Them The Most Important Money Lessons They Will Ever Learn

If I remember it right, it was my aunt who gave me my very first piggy bank, and it was a holiday gift. When I asked what it was, she said, “It’s where you should keep all the money you’ll receive this Christmas.” I did not fully understand why, but I did it anyway. And […]

Estate Planning 101: Leaving Behind a Good Legacy To Your Family

There’s a joke that life insurance agents often tell… They say that if you attend a wake and you see that the spouse is sobbing quietly, then the departed loved one most probably had life insurance. But if the spouse is loudly wailing in tears every night, then not only did the deceased had no […]

A Surprising Money Lesson I Learned From An Anchovy Pizza

Yesterday, I ate dinner with my parents at an Italian restaurant near our place. My dad ordered a Chicken Alfredo pasta, which he planned to eat all by himself. Meanwhile, my mom was particularly craving for Anchovy Pizza, but she’s afraid that she wouldn’t be able to finish one whole, and we can’t order just […]

Infographic: The Spending Habits of Filipinos

After years of “blind spending”, a friend has decided to finally track his expenses and create a monthly budget starting next month. I’m glad and excited for him because he did not wait for 2014 to work on his “New Year Resolution” to save more money. So, we were talking yesterday and he asked for […]