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10 Practical Ways To Avoid Overspending When Shopping

Buyer’s remorse. This is the anxiety and regret that a person feels after making a purchase. It happens when you buy something expensive, or whenever you purchase an item on impulse, and especially if it’s also something you can’t really afford. Overspending when shopping, whether you’re in the mall, department store or in the grocery, […]

5 Expensive Shopping Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

I can understand why people love shopping. It’s fun and it feels good to spend. And as long as you don’t buy stuff you cannot afford, then you’re okay in my book. However, having the money to spend doesn’t excuse you from making smart spending decisions – that is unless you want to end up […]

Four Solid and Convincing Reasons Why You Should Track Your Expenses

Creating a personal budget is close to impossible if you don’t know how much you’re actually spending. When you don’t regularly track your expenses, it’s difficult to allocate your income. At best, you’ll just guesstimate your budget and hope your cash lasts until the next payday. Then when you simply do tracking in your head, […]

Five Types of People That Really Spend Too Much

There’s nothing wrong with spending money on things that will make our life easier, better… happier. What’s actually wrong is spending money on things that you cannot really afford. So instead of having an easier, better and happier life, you end up wallowing in misery over a huge amount of debt from your overspending. Fortunately, […]

Money Saving Tips For A Great Family Road Trip

One passion that I share with my friends is the love for travel. But ever since most of them got married, our trips to far and off the beaten tracks have become less frequent. Because first, it’s no longer that easy to go on unplanned and spontaneous trips when you have kids. And second, the […]

Can You Survive a No Spending Week?

“I want to save more money,” a friend asked. “Any suggestions?” “Stop spending,” was my casual reply. “And by that I mean consciously choosing not to spend on anything but necessities,” I continued. “But won’t life be boring if I just spend on necessities?” he asked. “Not really, in fact, that will force you to […]

Triple Your Savings in Two Months

Less than two months to go and it will be the start of another year. And if you’re the type of person who makes New Year Resolutions, then you should know that now is the best time to start working on them. Do you want to save more money next year as your resolution? Then […]

Planning Your Holiday Shopping

Christmas is just around the corner and so is the biggest shopping season in the country. Holiday bazaars are starting to show up everywhere, and stores are already advertising their yuletide promos and sale schedules. With so many things that we need and want to buy for ourselves, for our family and for our friends, […]

How to Use Coupons to Save Money Online

Have you seen the show Extreme Couponing? I’ve chanced upon that television series a couple of times in the past and I must say that I’m envious at how much some Americans can save just by hunting and saving coupons from magazines, newspapers and even websites. I’m envious because the bargains they get are ridiculous! […]

An Infographic on Fuel Economy: How To Save Gas and Money

If you own a car, then you know how petroleum expenses can eat up a big portion of your monthly budget. That’s why it’s very important for all vehicle owners to learn about fuel economy, so you can save on gas and consequently, save money. I’ve already written a couple of articles about this in […]