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If You Want To Reach Your Goals, These Are The Things You Need To Do

Posted December 1, 2015 under Mindsetting | 2 Comments

December is a time when a lot of people are happy and feel most hopeful about life. And beyond the celebrations, shopping, and reunions, it’s also during this month when we look back at everything we’ve done during the year, and note the failures and successes we’ve experienced. However, I’d like to challenge you to […]

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Allow Yourself The Uncomfortable Luxury of Changing Your Mind

Posted November 23, 2015 under Mindsetting | 8 Comments

Have you ever failed an exam because of a single wrong answer? It’s painful to realize that the difference between you and a passing grade was just one question, which you should have gotten right if only you didn’t doubt yourself and changed the answer. This has happened to me several times – if not […]

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Your Heart or Your Mind: Which One Should You Follow?

Posted November 5, 2015 under Mindsetting, Personal Finance | No Comments

You’re walking around the mall when you see a good-looking pair of jeans displayed in one of the stores. You go inside to take a closer look and noticed that it is on sale. “Would you like to try it on?” asked the sales staff. You nodded, asked for your size, went to the fitting […]

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Hyperbolic Discounting (or Why Most People Don’t Invest)

Posted October 8, 2015 under Investing, Mindsetting | 7 Comments

What is hyperbolic discounting, and how is it related to investing? Before I answer that, let me first give you a thought experiment. Below are three scenarios that I want you to consider. Carefully read the question, and try to answer with what you would immediately prefer among the two given choices. Scenario A I’m […]

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The Power of Belief: Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset

Posted September 9, 2015 under Inspirational, Mindsetting | 1 Comment

The moment we believe that success is determined by an ingrained level of ability, we will be brittle in the face of adversity. These are words from Josh Waitzkin, a multi-talented athlete and author, who learned early on in his life, the power of belief and how it can help you succeed in life. Below, […]

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How To Find The Hero Within You

Posted August 31, 2015 under Mindsetting | No Comments

A neurosurgeon is preparing to remove a tumor inside the brain of a patient. After doing his surgical scrub, he stands for a few minutes just outside the operating room with legs apart, arms on hips, and elbows bent, while gazing blankly to the ceiling as if he’s Superman and about to fly. Our doctor […]

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How To Have a Winner’s Mindset

Posted August 17, 2015 under Mindsetting | 5 Comments

Do you know someone who seems to always get what they want? You might say they’re lucky because everything comes easy for them; but more often than not, the reason why they achieve a lot in life is because they have the winner’s mindset. Having a winner’s mindset is mostly about having self-confidence, and the […]

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What Would Happen If We Redistribute Wealth Equally To Everyone?

Posted July 31, 2015 under Mindsetting | 5 Comments

Have you ever thought about what would happen if all the wealth in the world is redistributed equally to everyone? It’s an interesting scenario, which I tried to imagine a few days ago. To arrive at my conclusion, I made some assumptions. One of which is that everyone agreed to the redistribution, so there are […]

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4 Emotional Mistakes That Cause People To Remain Poor

Posted July 23, 2015 under Mindsetting | 6 Comments

I’ve spent a good deal of time talking to people about their financial problems. In most cases, their money troubles can be traced back to bad decisions they’ve made, and continue to make unconsciously. Particularly, emotional mistakes that they repeatedly commit, which severely affects their ability to change their financial circumstances. Check yourself against these […]

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How To Turn P50,000 To P1 Million in Less Than a Year

Posted July 15, 2015 under Income Opps, Mindsetting | 17 Comments

A blog reader recently sent an email, asking me what she can do with P50,000 to turn it into 1 million pesos in less than a year. I find this an interesting question. So instead of replying to her directly, I’m writing a blog post about it. So, how do you legally turn a few […]

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What Are You Doing?

Posted July 8, 2015 under Mindsetting | 18 Comments

Once there was a child, who walked into a construction site. The child saw a worker, approached him and asked, “What are you doing?” “Can’t you see?” said the worker. “I’m laying down these bricks.” Then the child saw another worker nearby, who was doing the exact same thing. The child nevertheless approached the second […]

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When You Hate Your Job, But You Can’t Afford To Quit

Posted June 22, 2015 under Life Lessons, Mindsetting | 19 Comments

“I don’t like my job anymore,” says a friend to me. “But I can’t quit because I’m supporting my family.” “Have you tried finding another job?” I asked. “I am trying to look for one,” he replied. “But those I found don’t pay as much as my salary now.” “So just keep looking,” I advised. […]

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