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Take This Simple Quiz and Instantly Become a Better Investor

I asked a friend to take this quiz, and I’m sharing his responses below. But before you read his replies, make sure that you answer the questions yourself first. Are you ready? Which is the best investment? Let’s say that you have P1M and you are given three investment options. Investment A can earn 4% […]

The Best Investments For Your Short Term Goals

What do you want to do this summer? Do you want a one week vacation in Boracay? What do you want to buy within the next few months? Do you want to buy a new smartphone? A new laptop? What about next year, or two years from now? Do you want to buy a car? […]

Reader Mail #28: Questions and Comments About The Story of Mr. Invest Now and His Friends

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for all the great feedback on my previous post, The Story of Mr. Invest Now, Mr. Catch Up and Mr. Wait Longer. Along with the positive reactions to the story, also came a lot of questions and comments. The most common ones, I will now answer below. […]

The Story of Mr. Invest Now, Mr. Catch Up and Mr. Wait Longer

This is the story of three friends who were born on the same year. Their names are Mr. Invest Now, Mr. Catch Up and Mr. Wait Longer. On their 30th birthday, they went drinking in a bar. Towards the end of the night, Mr. Invest Now said, “I want to start investing now. I’ll invest […]

The Easy, One-Step Guide To Becoming a Successful Long-Term Investor

Imagine that you have a magical money jar. It’s magical because each day, money appears inside it. More specifically, P1,000 worth of coins appear inside the money jar every 24 hours. Yes, that’s P1,000 passive income every single day. Wouldn’t it be great to have this kind of money jar at home? I’m sure it […]

The Most Important Investment Lesson You Should Have Learned From the Movie, The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street is a film based on a book of the same title, and is about the life and times of former stockbroker, convicted criminal and now, author and motivational speaker, Jordan Belfort. In case you haven’t seen the movie… yes, you read that right. Jordan Belfort was a stockbroker, who got […]

Where To Invest in 2014

First of all, let me greet all of you a Happy New Year! Today, we’ll discuss several investment opportunities that you can go into for 2014. So I certainly hope you didn’t spend all your Christmas bonus and 13th month pay during the holidays, because the “Year of the Horse” will be an interesting year […]

You Took The Quiz and Learned The Type of Investor That You Are, Now What?

Last week, I gave everyone a “Personality Quiz” that will help determine what type of investor you are. If you missed it, then you can go and take the quiz HERE now. The quiz was just a series of five-questions, but each one is meant to test you on three aspects – readiness to invest, […]

Five Quick Tips For Long-Term Investors in the Stock Market

Investing is not a sprint but a marathon, especially in the stock market. That means when you buy shares of a company, then you should be prepared to let your money “sleep” for many years. How many? As long as you can, but I always say at least five years. Fortunately, long-term investing in the […]

Take The Quiz: What Type of Investor Are You?

Whenever you open an investment account, your application form usually includes a risk-profile assessment exam. This is basically a series of questions that ask about your current financial status and income capacity, among others. It’s important to be as honest as possible when filling this up, because it greatly helps the investments officer to properly […]