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7 Financial Mistakes Retired People Say They Regret After Retirement

Do you like living in the present moment? Nothing wrong with doing that, but it’s important to realize that one cannot just live in the present moment because the future will come sooner than you think. And when that time comes, you might have passed over and wasted financial opportunities that could have made your […]

Is 80 the New 60 of Retirement?

Most people dream of retiring at the age of 60. However, because of the lack of financial planning, many will find themselves needing to still work when that time comes. In today’s guest post, Cristina Beltran gives us an interesting look at why people can’t or don’t retire at 60, and some practical tips on […]

Manage Your Finances And Control Your Financial Future

If you think about it, managing your finances isn’t complicated because the things you need to do are often just simple tasks. What actually makes them difficult to accomplish is our mindset and resistance to break and change our bad financial habits. Today, Marie shares with us eight tips on how we can take charge […]

5 Financial Tips Before You Quit Your Dead-End Job

How do you quit from a dead-end job without having to go through financial difficulties? Our guest blogger for today has five excellent tips. Let’s read what he has to say. We’ve all been there – a smarmy officemate, a crappy boss, impossible deadlines, and workloads. Many of us know what a dead-end job means. […]

Five Ways to Protect Yourself from Fraud When Accepting Credit Cards

Do you run an ecommerce business that accepts credit card payments? This article contribution might help. — $11.27 billion. That was the amount of money that was lost around the world in 2012 due to fraudulent payment card transactions, including credit, debit and prepaid cards, according to Further analysis of the gross losses equaled […]

Tips for Finding the Best Health Insurance Policy

The end of the year is for me is not just about the holidays, but it’s also about renewing my short-term health care plan. Employees don’t have much of a problem regarding this, as it is mandated by law. But freelancers and entrepreneurs really need to consider getting one, for their own protection. Below is […]

Figuring Out a New Mortgage Rate Easily

I’m currently on a 2-day “mission” in Legazpi City, Albay. I’ll tell you what I did here when I get back in Manila by the weekend, but for now, let me share with you an article contribution from a friend. It’s all about how to figure out and compare mortgage rates easily by using online […]

The Essentials for a Durable Power of Attorney

There are times when I get questions from readers about financial matters that require a legal perspective. As I am not a lawyer, I simply give common sense advise and encourage them to consult a professional about their problem because it’s the best thing to do. One of the more common inquiries I get is […]

Get More Exposure with a Facebook Store

Facebook is not just a social network anymore. Many entrepreneurial people have also made it as a platform to sell products and services. Today, we have a guest post from Marry Clark, who shares with us how one can get more exposure through a Facebook Store. A Facebook Store, is not just a Facebook Page […]

The Importance of Financial Discipline and the Right Environment

Today, I’m very honored to share with you a guest post from a friend, and someone I admire, Dr. Jaime Lorenzo. I first met Doc Jaime last year, August 31 to be exact, around 7:30 PM at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Alabang Town Center. I remember that night well, because I have written […]