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This Woman Found True Love in an Online Dating Site. How She Did It will Amaze You.

Today, you’ll meet Amy Webb, a woman who had high standards when it comes to men, and that’s why she remained single for a long time. Then, she thought she’d try online dating sites to find his Prince Charming. At first, she’s having no luck. The guys she liked didn’t replied back, while those who […]

Learn Basic Finance With Your Child, Join the Money Smart Kids Workshop

“Mommy, can you buy me that dress?” a friend’s daughter said inside the mall. “Not now, sweetie. We don’t have money right now to buy that dress,” my friend answered. “But mommy, you have that plastic card in your wallet,” her 8-year old replied. “That’s what you always use to buy things.” For a few […]

It’s My Birthday, and I’d Like To Ask a Favor

Yes, it’s my birthday. Woot! Looking back at the past year, all I could say is that it was a blast and I enjoyed every moment of it. I met new friends, and learned new skills. I launched a couple of new businesses, and opened new investments. I traveled to new places, and added great […]

The Top Ten Blog Posts of 2013

Time for the year-ender post here in Ready To Be Rich, and we’re celebrating by looking back at the most memorable blog posts of 2013. These articles are actually chosen by you, because they’re the most-shared articles on Facebook that I’ve written for the year. So it’s right to say that this list is as […]

Invest in Knowledge For 2014, Attend The Family Finances Workshop on January 11

How do you start 2014 the right way? By investing on knowledge. And this January 11th, you can do exactly that by attending the Family Finances Workshop. What is the Family Finances Workshop? It’s a one-of-a-kind seminar that will teach you how to create a financial plan for your family. This whole day event will […]

Greeting Everyone a Merry Christmas!

I’d like to take this moment to greet everyone a Merry Christmas! It’s been a rough last quarter for the country, but I remain hopeful that things will get better. So for now, always stay positive and don’t forget to count your blessings. Stay inspired, be dedicated and work to offer value to the world. […]

Working on a New Project: Blog Academy Philippines

Last year, I was interviewed by Jon Oraña of Eskapology on the topic of “How Pinoy Bloggers Build Business And Make Money“. The 45-minute podcast that we did talked a lot about blogging, and how it has helped me pursue my advocacy of financial literacy. I also shared my story on how I was able […]

Family Finances Workshop Rerun on November 9

Last July, I conducted the very first Family Finances Workshop and we’re doing it again this November 9th. What is the Family Finances Workshop? It’s a one-of-a-kind seminar that will teach you how to create a financial plan for your family. This whole day event will have interactive activities and together, we’ll figure out how […]

On Webinars, Event Posters and Getting Things Done

I’ve been working with two personal finance advocacy groups since early this year – they are OFW Usapang Piso and Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy. Both groups have been very active in promoting entrepreneurship and personal finance to overseas Filipino workers and their families through seminars, local events and webinars. I just finished giving […]

Ready To Be Rich: Mommy Finance Workshop

If you missed the Family Finances Workshop last July, then here’s your chance to attend a similar workshop, at a more affordable price. Presenting, the Ready To Be Rich: Mommy Finance Workshop which will happen on September 7, 2013 from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon at Babyland, 548 Facilities Center, Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City. As […]