21 Responses to “Things To Know Before You Open A Checking Account”

  1. saktong sakto tong article na to para sa akin ah :D tamang tama mag o open ako ng checking account ngayong katapusan :D

  2. sa questions above, eto lang mga natanong ko:

    # What’s the maintaining balance?
    # Does it earn interest? Is there a minimum balance for it to earn interest?

    Hehehe. .sa BPI yung may interest ay 25k, tapos may checking account din sila na lower than 25k pero walang interest :D

    Woooot.. itatanong ko pa yung ibang mga tanong. Yay! :D

  3. I only opened a checking account kasi kailangan para ma-issue dun sa binibili kong bahay. Other than that, wala ng ibang reason. But now I really appreciate the fact that I have this account. Kahit na hindi interest bearing, this adds to my ‘financial mgmt experience’ (in short pagba-budget :) .

  4. ang checking account ba at current account ng BDO ay pareho lang??? gusto ko sanang mag-open ng current account last month pero di ako pinayagan ng manager. dapat raw savings account muna then after 3months pa pwede ang current account. ask ko lang kung ano ang mga bangko na pwede mag-open ng current account kahit walang savings account?

  5. SoNn says:

    Great writeup Kuya Fitz. Based on your experience, which bank do you recommend to have a checking account?

  6. Fitz says:

    Yes, a checking account and a current account is just the same. I was able to open a checking account in Metrobank eventhough I had no savings account there. But this was years ago. I think banks are now more strict because the incidents of bounced checks are going up.

    From observation, all checking accounts are just the same. So it would be best to just open it where your savings account is. But in any case, I would recommend a bank that has online banking so it would be easier to monitor your account and balance your checkbooks. :D

  7. brenda lee says:

    thanks for putting this articles. this can help me to know what is the advantage and what is good upon opening my account.. thanks again.. god bless

  8. Arnel P. says:

    wow. good read. galing neto. wala talaga aku idea dito sa checking account. kelangan ko lang mag open dahil housing loan..TYVM

  9. honey says:

    is it allowed to debit from a checking account if your ADA has insufficient fund, without first informing the account holder?

  10. Lady says:

    hi po.. wants to open a current account sana sa BDO.. pro as i know savings muna then current. ilang months pa ba pwedeng mag current after I open the savings? and how much po ba ang maintaining balance? salamat

  11. Arthur E. Flores says:

    Wow ! This is great for an individual like me who is just starting to plan out and manage his little financial Blessings.Sana with this blogs may all the more increase our ability to improve life by having right perspective handling little we have financially and eventually have our own business and get rich in order to help others too.Congratulations po and God Bless!

  12. joel says:

    i only have payroll account in bdo, can i apply for a checking account for future use?will they/bdo allow to have checking account?thanks

  13. joel says:

    i was not able to open a checking acct. using my payroll acct. it’s required to have at least 30k maintaining balance in previous 6mos.plus ung initial deposit p, n un lng cash ko on hand hehe. of course how come it will have such amt e payroll nga un sympre wwtdrwhin un every payday. well wla ako alm s mga requirements nla kya nsayang lakad ko hehe open n lng dw muna ng personal acct or they advice me to have my personal acct n lng kya lng 6mos p bago mkpg open ng checking acct.

  14. Bryan Tarubal says:

    May i know if what is the needed maintaining balance for checking account. I have an old savings account and the required total saving to reqiure to open a checking account? Is not safe kasi kung magdadala ko na malaking cash in public.

  15. Lance says:

    I am planning to open an account as well for house and lot procurement purposes. I think banks are really now requiring a 3-6 months of savings account first before they can issue you a checking account. Thanks for the great article. I learned the pros and cons of having a checking account. Long before, I thought na bigatin na talaga or mga mayayaman lang ang nag sa-sign ng checks, like in the old pinoy/enlgish movies. hehe

  16. Charm B says:

    Good thing nakita ko to as I am looking online which banks should I open a checking account. “Thinks You should ask” very helpful. Now ndi nako inosente later pagpunta ko. Thanks for posting this! Mabuhay ka =)

  17. Marigold says:

    I just wanna ask something, Can I file a case against the bank “The Real Bank”. They told me that they will call me pag meron ngpapasok ng checke sakin, and lalo na pag insufficient ung funds ko at mg-bbounce ung checke. Pero hnd nila ko tinawagan man lng or ininform. Kaya ngaun mgbabayad ako ng penalty sa bank and penalty pa sa company na binigyan ng check. I read some articles na it is included on the BP 22 law na dapat iniinform ng banks ung Checking account owner pag ganun.

    Please reply.

  18. settie says:

    Dati na po ako mmakakuha pa po ba ulit ako ng checking account sa ibang bangko kahit na may unpaid credit card ako? Kase need ko ulit kumuha checking account para sa housingloan.pls help po.

  19. Tin-tin says:

    Ask ko po kung pwede po ba mag-open ng checking account sa ibang bank? Ganito po un may kabayan savings account ako sa isang banko pero gusto ko naman sa ibang banko ako mag-open ng checking account. Gagamitin kase namin sa pagkuha ng bahay dahil requirements po sa isang subdivision,kailangan na may maipakita kaming checking account. Ung sa banko kase na may savings account ako mahirap naman kumuha at mas mataas ung pag-open ng cheke kaya naisip nmin sa ibang banko naman. Pwede po ba un? Thanks sa pagsagot kuya.

  20. Ray says:

    I already open a checking account in Eastwest bank at maganda naman po siya…. Basic checking account po siya. Maintaining balance is only for 1,000.00 only, pero need mo magmaintain ng savings account sa kanila for 6 months. Kapag nakapagmaintain ka naman po wala na silang tanong tanong kung magopen ka ng checking account granted na un agad.

  21. Maileen says:

    nice information! I need to have a checking account for my housing loan and i am running out of time because i will work abroad on sept. 15, 2014. I came to BDO earlier since i have savings account there for more than a year but they don’t allow me because according to them I have a month that didn’t met there requirements of 6 consecutive months with minimum 50K savings account. Did other bank requires the same qualifications to open a checking account? Do I have a change to get a checking account before sept. 15? Please reply. Thanks alot! More power….

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