Activate Your BDO Rewards Card Online and Get 100 Bonus Points

Posted by Fitz Villafuerte under News and Events on March 18, 2014

A friend decided to be a BDO Rewards member so he can have his own BDO Rewards Card after he read my previous post on how I am able to use my points to shop in SM and other retail partners.

So when I learned that he finally got his BDO Rewards Card, I immediately told him that he should activate it online because there’s an ongoing promo where he can get 100 bonus points.

One point is equal to one peso, and that means he’ll get P100 just by activating his card!

But he has to hurry because the 100 Bonus Points promo is only until March 31, 2014. Additionally, it’s better to activate the card once you receive it so he can already start using the points he has accumulated, I told him.

Do you have a new BDO Rewards Card?

Then activate your BDO Rewards Card online today by simply going to this page and entering your 16-digit card number and PIN, which by default is your birth month and the last 2 digits of your year of birth.


You can also activate your BDO Rewards Card via SMS or calling their hotline, BUT only those done online can qualify you for the Bonus Points.

Again, this promo is until March 31st only.

For existing BDO Rewards Card holders, you can also check out their other ongoing promos here. Currently, there’s one in partnership with SM Cinemas, and another that can earn you a P100 Starbucks GC.

Be a BDO Rewards member today by visiting your nearest BDO branch. You can also check out the BDO Rewards Card page online to learn more.

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10 Responses to “Activate Your BDO Rewards Card Online and Get 100 Bonus Points”

  1. Jo says:

    good day Sir! Yr. 2008, i opened a BDO savings account. After few days BDO snailed mailed to me my BDO Emerald Rewards. This 2012, i closed my BDO savings account and got a new savings account (transferring all my outstanding balance) in different accessible BDO branch. Does the closure of my 1st account has any effect on my BDO card? Do I need to get a new BDO rewards card along with the new account i opened? Is BDO reward card has expiration? I do not know that it should be activated either via online or sms. What will happened if i didn’t activated it since 2008? Sorry for my questions Sir. Thanks in advance.

  2. elleica says:

    Their site is under maintenance as of the time of this comment. 🙁

  3. Marius de Jess says:

    What is the use of this comment box, the author does not answer your questions.

  4. reggie mark lacson says:

    could i ask sir /mam why it is when i present my bdo reward card on shell gas station the receipt which i get is my points goes to may sm advantage card which is expired i do not renew it because of my bdo reward and when i check my points on may bdo reward card may points which i got on shell station and savemore don’t appear on my bdo reward card could you help me for this my bdo card no. are 8880 5128 2444 1447

  5. babe says:

    haha thats joke i think that promo in shell its not through we came in bdo today to get that point in shell we have 1.368points because the bdo texting me about the rewards so we came to bdo to ask that so we have free gas to go home in then our bdo card is not activate whats that means?????we receive a tx came from the bdo and all of the sadden its nothing waist of time that $#!+!!!!!!!!!!and she said they change it of the new reward card nalang,so our point is totally gone where they go HMMMM??????????

  6. Bernardo Llagas says:

    How tk recover my pkn which i forgot

  7. Hello guys,

    Hope you won’t take it against Sir Fitz if he doesn’t respond to your comments here as he has a lot of stuff to do.

    I am not a BDO employee, but I happen to research a lot about the program as I have been a member since 2011.

    * Does the closure of my 1st account has any effect on my BDO card? Do I need to get a new BDO rewards card along with the new account i opened? Is BDO reward card has expiration? – Check this out:

    * reggie mark: Well, you did use your SMAC at Shell so there’s no way that those points are automatically credited to your BDO Rewards card unless you transfer them via the SMAC website

    * babe: If I understood your question correctly, your card is not activated so you can’t get free gas from Shell. Have you tried activating your card via the website or 631-8000? Hopefully by now you got to as you won’t be able to use your card anywhere in that case.


  8. How to activate my emerald rewards? Because I tried to reg.thru SMS in many times they replied transaction failed. Even in the website can’t open.

  9. Art nito says:

    My Sapphire rewards card expired Feb 2016 try to use card was invalid ask my bdo branch they said I was supposed to receive new card after expiration automatically as I have existing account that earned points but up to this time I have not receive anything my last information I received thru my email I have more than 1500 points my bdo sapphire rewards card

  10. elvy says:

    how can i know the balance account of my bdo reward card?

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