20 Money Saving Tips That Will Keep Thousands In Your Bank This Month

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It’s easy to say that you’ll try to save more money.

But if you’re like me and most people out there, that’s really easier said than done.

For years, I’ve had a hard time saving money until I learned that the key to it is to make a list of workable and concrete things that I can do.

That’s why I’m sharing with you today 20 money saving tips that I guarantee will keep thousands of pesos in your bank account this month.

This list is different because it has no vague concepts such as “use less electricity”; but only actual tasks you can do immediately such as “replace all bulbs with CFL”.

I hope you enjoy these tips and find them helpful.

save money 20 Money Saving Tips That Will Keep Thousands In Your Bank This Month

  1. Each pay day, take P500 from your salary and deposit it in a separate bank account. Some banks will actually allow you to open one with just P500 starting balance. This is called paying yourself first.
  2. Pay your bills as soon as you receive them. You will avoid the hassle of forgetting about them and paying late fees.
  3. Whenever you receive a windfall, put everything to paying down your debts.
  4. Always wait at least 30 days before buying something you “want” (as opposed to something you “need”). You’ll be surprised at the many things you’ll eventually forget you “wanted”.
  5. Always use cash when buying anything less than P1,000. Those little purchases are the ones that usually pile up in your credit card statement.
  6. Never buy new books. If you like to read, scour online or thrift stores for previously owned copies, borrow from your friends or go to the library.
  7. Never ever go to the mall, especially to the grocery, when you’re hungry or feeling sad.
  8. Moreover, never ever go to the grocery without a shopping list and don’t buy anything not on the list. This will discipline you into planning your lists better at home. Get more grocery tips here.
  9. Always park your car into the first free slot you see, no matter how far it is from the entrance. Walking can be good for you and you save gas along the way.
  10. And since you have a car… learn how to wash it yourself.
  11. money savings 20 Money Saving Tips That Will Keep Thousands In Your Bank This Month

  12. Never travel without some snacks packed with you.
  13. Also, stop buying popcorn at the movies, instead bring your own snacks. And since you like watching movies, here are more movie-watching money saving tips
  14. Drink only water when dining out.
  15. If available, always choose and buy generic brand medicines. Read more medicine money saving tips here.
  16. Wear an apron when cooking and proper work clothes when doing messy chores. This will help you avoid ruining your nice clothes.
  17. Stop using shampoo and conditioner everyday. Do it only every other day and you’ll see it’s actually not a problem.
  18. Don’t text or turn on the television when you’re bored. Just call a friend on a landline or find something to read.
  19. Moreover, assign one day in a week when you will not watch television at all. Give yourself a pat on the back if you chose a weekend.
  20. And while you’re at it… likewise assign a no spending day at least once a month.
  21. And of course, replace all your bulbs and use CFL.

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  1. Nice practical tips! :)

  2. No. 13, noted! Thanks for writing these tips! How about tips on how not to burn away
    13th month pay?:)

  3. number 5 tip is my favorite. I will take note of this! :D

  4. These money saving tips will surely help me, thanks :)

  5. If people only realize the importance of financial management, they would consider all your tips. Hope they would..

    Just an outsider tip, INVEST WHAT YOU SAVE!…Inflation will eat your money up in the bank…

    Try the stock market!!!! but wait and lo!…make sure you don’t TRADE…Invest instead in long terms…Ride big companies to reaches. You’ll be amazed in due time.. your thousand becomes millions!

    Stock investment would be as easy as opening email once or twice a week if you have a club that helps you the easiest way. You can try this if you are interested.

    Invest in Stock Market today and be amazed of your money’s growth over time.

  6. I like this post. the tips are simple and practical, but we always forget practicing them. thanks for reminding us!

  7. Nice post! This will surely help me. :D
    Happy that I have been doing some of the things listed here.

    Keep it up sir!

  8. rolando dalisay on May 5th, 2013 at 5:55 pm

    although im nearly 60 years old this practical savings tips are to be practiced and shared to my children..thanks a lot:-)

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