ATM Safety and Security Tips

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Recent news have reported people losing money in their savings account because of ATM skimming. ATM skimming is when thieves use hidden electronics to steal the personal information stored on your card and record your PIN number so they can make a duplicate card and withdraw your cash on another machine. Banks are of course, […]

Listen: An Inspirational Short Film

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What would you do if you had P1,500? For Josh Ortiz, a young US-based Filipino filmmaker, the decision was easy – make an inspirational short film. With only $30 as budget, he was able to produce this 3-minute video about failure, motivation and success. Watch and be sure to listen carefully to the words. I […]

Seminar on Financial Planning for Parents this September

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The Ready To Be Rich: Family Finances Seminar is happening again on September 20, 2014. Now on its 4th run, this innovative workshop is your hands-on training on how to create a basic financial plan for your family. In this event, you will learn practical tips and a step-by-step guide on: How to create and […]

7 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Get a Virtual Office

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Harold is a friend who works as freelance wedding photographer. He meets clients in coffee shops, and he does this at least twice a week. His clients don’t really mind, but sometimes it gets too noisy and they’d have to transfer. His home office is not that presentable to clients. Additionally, he’s also not too […]

Are You Financially Secure? Here’s A Simple Test To Find Out

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To be financially secure means having enough resources to support your standard of living today and in the foreseeable future. To be financially secure means being able to sleep well at night, with no fear and worry that you won’t have enough money to provide for yourself and your family. If you want financial freedom, […]

The Rewards of Questioning Your Every Spending

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If you want to lessen your expenses, one simple trick is to ask yourself, “Is this worth it?” before making any purchase. Doing this will prevent you from buying things on impulse, but more importantly, it will raise the quality of your life because you’ll find yourself spending more on things that really matter. Avoid […]

Join The “New Rich” Society and Learn How To Create Multiple Sources of Income

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Today, I’m giving you a preview of a new project that I’ve been working for in the past couple of months. It’s called The “New Rich” Society – an online learning program on how to create multiple sources of income. Working with me on this project are two friends, Jon Orana and Burn Gutierrez. You […]

7 Great Investment Options for the Young Professional

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A few days ago, online news website, Rappler published a sponsored article entitled “Investment options for the young professional”. The post enumerated four items, particularly life insurance, real estate, stocks and business as possible investments. I couldn’t help but react to the article on my Facebook account, particularly on the advise about life insurance and […]

How to Use The Right Words To Sell Your Freelance Services

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Before I became an entrepreneur, I was a freelancer first. In fact, one of the reasons why I had the courage to quit the corporate world was because I was able to grow my income from freelancing to match my regular job’s salary. And I know a lot of freelancers who also did the same […]

Watch What Probably is The Most Motivational Video You’ll See This Week

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As traders and investors worry and argue about the impact of the Ghost Month to the stock market, and as the media put to light the truth behind the latest scams that been happening out there – I have chosen to bury myself with multiple projects, which I’ve challenged myself to do for August. Aside […]

Video: Bro. Bo Sanchez Shares Why People Are Failing at Fulfilling Their Dreams

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One of the best talks during the IMG Convention of Champions 2014 was delivered by best-selling author and inspirational leader, Bro. Bo Sanchez. He shared a lot of lessons that day, but the one the struck me the most is why people fail at fulfilling their dreams. In this 2-minute video, he shows with a […]

The Best Insurance Company in Terms of Investments

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I was on Facebook the other day, when I saw this question being asked in a group. “Can you please advice me which is the best insurance company in terms of investments? Manulife? Sunlife or Philam? Thanks.” The initial responses where agents and advisors who are sharing why they are the best insurance company, while […]