How To Find The Hero Within You

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A neurosurgeon is preparing to remove a tumor inside the brain of a patient. After doing his surgical scrub, he stands for a few minutes just outside the operating room with legs apart, arms on hips, and elbows bent, while gazing blankly to the ceiling as if he’s Superman and about to fly. Our doctor […]

How Your Business Can Profit from Gift Certificates

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As a blogger, I normally get invited to business events. While we don’t really get paid in cash to cover and write about them, we do sometimes receive gift certificates in exchange for our efforts in spreading the news about the business. Moreover, giving GCs as a birthday present is something I normally do for […]

How Pinoy Families Can Live on One Income

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The Philippine Bureau of Labor and Employment mandates that the minimum wage for those in the National Capital Region is Php 466 per day. This translates to an income of roughly Php 10,000 per month. And this number is just in NCR, where the minimum wage is already the highest. If you’re raising a family, […]

10 Vital Financial Concepts That Every Adult Should Know

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Money is an essential part of every functioning adult’s life, and learning how to manage it starts in understanding some of its vital concepts. Here are ten financial terms that you should know if you’re hoping to achieve financial independence someday. These are not necessarily your textbook definitions, but more of a practical guide in […]

Why I Like Banking with BPI

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I am a BPI client for more than a decade now, and looking back, I can say that they have been a big part of my financial journey. I am often asked by my readers which bank I recommend, and I would always say that they should go for the one that’s easily accessible to […]

How To Have a Winner’s Mindset

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Do you know someone who seems to always get what they want? You might say they’re lucky because everything comes easy for them; but more often than not, the reason why they achieve a lot in life is because they have the winner’s mindset. Having a winner’s mindset is mostly about having self-confidence, and the […]

Crown Asia Celebrates 20 Years With Three New Projects

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In 1995, the country’s largest homebuilder, Vista Land, officially launched the Crown Asia brand. And for 20 years, it has successfully evolved from developing low-cost, high-quality residential houses into world-class, mid-rise condominiums. To mark their two decades of having an excellent track record as a real estate company, they have recently launched three new projects […]

The Beauty of Residual Income

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There are two types of income, active and passive. In simple terms, active income is when you work for the money, while passive income is when money works for you. These are the most popular terms used in financial books and articles. And of course, it’s always emphasized that you should build passive income if […]

Enroll Now at Business Academy PH

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Finally, after almost three months of planning, my latest project is now officially launched. So please check out Business Academy PH and learn how you can start your own business, step by step. This is really a unique learning opportunity for you because we will tackle the four most common obstacles that entrepreneurs face when […]

What Would Happen If We Redistribute Wealth Equally To Everyone?

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Have you ever thought about what would happen if all the wealth in the world is redistributed equally to everyone? It’s an interesting scenario, which I tried to imagine a few days ago. To arrive at my conclusion, I made some assumptions. One of which is that everyone agreed to the redistribution, so there are […]

4 Emotional Mistakes That Cause People To Remain Poor

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I’ve spent a good deal of time talking to people about their financial problems. In most cases, their money troubles can be traced back to bad decisions they’ve made, and continue to make unconsciously. Particularly, emotional mistakes that they repeatedly commit, which severely affects their ability to change their financial circumstances. Check yourself against these […]

Coming Soon: Business Academy PH

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A few months ago, a reader asked me for book recommendations. Particularly, she wanted me to suggest good titles on personal finance and investments. I asked her what books has she already read, and she enumerated the most popular ones like “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, “Think and Grow Rich”, and a few others. I then […]